br 巴西, São Paulo
21-24 十月 2017

Laudalio Veiga will be the coordinator for the panel “Digital Environments: ICT Impacts in Citizens” on Thursday, July 13h, which will count on the participation of representatives from BIS, AHCIET, Ericsson, Cisco and Uniminuto. This Congress’ objective is to provide a qualified space with management knowledge to understand and analyze politics and programs that are being created in different parts the of the world and Colombia, to answer the needs of citizens and companies that search for constant mobility and...

Fimmepe Mecânica Nordeste
br 巴西, Recife
22-25 十月 2017

PARTICIPATING SEGMENTS: Fimmepe Mechanical Northeast joins various Metal-Mechanic and Electronics industry segments operating in the region. - Automation and Process Control, Measurement and Applied Software- Tools and Devices- Welding and Surface Treatment- Machine Tools- Diverse Machines, Equipment and Accessories- Machines and Equipment for Plastic and Rubber- Motors, Couplings, Reducers and Gears- Equipment for Air Conditioning and Cooling- Valves, Pumps, Compressors, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment- Warehousing Equipment- Furnaces,...

Hospital Business
br 巴西, Rio de Janeiro
23-24 十月 2017

br 巴西, São Paulo
28-十月 - 01-十一月 2017

FENATRAN - International Transport Industry Trade Show, in its 18th edition, launched a great novelty: Besides the exhibition of over 365 companies of the transportation sector, FENATRAN offered four days of test drives to the public. The proposal arose to show in practice what changes in the engines developed for the new Brazilian diesel standard, the Euro V, which is already in force in Europe and in other countries. Four thousand transportation professionals enjoyed a unique experience of taking a test drive in the most modern truck...

br 巴西, Goiânia
28-31 十月 2017

br 巴西, São Paulo
29-31 十月 2017

br 巴西, São Paulo
29-31 十月 2017

Pet South America
br 巴西, São Paulo
29-31 十月 2017

br 巴西, São Paulo
29-30 十月 2017

The Eco Transportation & Logistics Conference, event simultaneous to 19th Fenatran, will bring together industry professionals to provide information and promote strategic discussions on key updates and adjustments in sustainability for transportation and logistics.The 2nd edition of the conference, with a partnership of the NTC - National Association of Cargo Transportation and Logistics, reflects the current scenario of this sector, which currently has 146 thousand transport companies and 733 thousand autonomous carriers (source CNT -...

br 巴西, São Paulo
06-08 十一月 2017

Salão Internacional do Artesanato
br 巴西, Brasília
06-10 十一月 2017

br 巴西, Curitiba
08-10 十一月 2017

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